SUH Tour: Day 0

November 9, 2019 – Madison, WI to Los Angeles, CA

The band purchased airfare for me to fly from Madison to LA, so at around 3:00pm, Jenny took me to the airport for my 5:30pm departure.

The evening before, we met with Amy to drop-off the Flea, and to have a quick dinner with the Topel’s. We went to Crawfish Junction for some fish; it was good, but inconsistent.

Oh Flea… going to miss you while I’m on tour.

With Flea dropped-off and everything else all set to go, all I had to do was some final packing and double-checking of things before taking off. I managed to squeeze my car into the garage, which was an added bonus (there’s a lot of stuff in there, so parking is at a premium).

Packing was a little tricky – how much stuff do you pack for 34-days on a motor coach? I managed to fit everything into a single carry-on suitcase, and then had my backpack with iPads and laptops.

Jenny and I left her house and headed for the airport.

Before I knew it, I was airborne and heading west to Los Angeles. My flights were on-time and trouble-free. I actually landed at LAX about 30 minutes early. Thankfully Merritt (guitarist from SUH) was waiting to pick me up, and before long, I was lying down in the guest room at Mixi (lead singer for SUH) and Merritt’s Santa Monica apartment. It was just after midnight, and I was ready to rest. We would have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.